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Sipho The Gift - Dark Matter ft MDB Lyrics

verse 1 [MDB]
? from sub-Sahara
From dikampeng, Dope Maglera
Spawning some monsters
Swear the raps caciera
Pen game Pythagoras
Mathi I'm chosen, streets' Lazarus
I break it down, break it down twice, three times
And stretch my new nice
My kinfolk crack dice
Maar phola like champ on ice
No jabbin' 'em Tyson
Put clients, no wave riding
Prawns with the oysters, flow Proseiden
No rapers are synonyms, only trappers and Elohim
We live on the Gram, because the gram is kilograms
Came up off ho goqa, see bo 4 re ikgoqa
Show love maar ska ikhohlwa
The chest pains from te streets got the kids oof of Benelin
Niggas chat like broads, don't think the hoes is your women frineds
Was in the field with my kinfolk, paid my due diligence
Earned stripes like soldiers, that's why the mindset's militant
But I'm gifted like Sipho, all I ask for is revenance
Land of my dividend

verse 2 [Sipho The Gift]
Sometimes I sleep, feel like Lazarus
Sweet dreams feel elaborate
So the rap steam is fuled by passionate
Rhyme scheme stay emaculate
Street Grammies fill the cabinet
I rap because they need a poet
The scab on the knees will show it
So all this music feel heroic
But the black pain feeds the story
So I sieze the moment
Young gifted and black, I bob and weave
Chillin' with a couple of tricks under my sleeve
And I still write what I like, that's word to Steve
Had no chance in this fight, had to believe
Young nigga, check coast and serve my bars
Never been comfortable, never taken a loss
We calculate the profit, we compensating for costs
Marinated deep in my thoughts to make the sauce
Look how the prodcuts of dope dealing is hope dealing
Genesis of the cast but it's bone-chilling
I feel like Weezy F Baby I got no ceilings
When you really bout it bout it there's no limit
They rapping for a cheque to debit
I rap 'cause these sheep needs shepherds
So this rap won't die, won't let it
Not depenging on no Gs for credit
I need pressed out shoes for the rat pack
And a full hazmat for the wack chats
I got more chest pans for the ass mats
And I do the last laugh and the last act
King carnivorous
This is how the streets assembled us
A street kid who turned so villanuos
But the pen game is still as shiverous
All we ask is please remmeber us
Father God, please deliver us and yeah

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