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Touchline - A Letter For You Lyrics

verse 1
I'm sorry, I know this letter is a little late
But I already wrote it so I'm sending it anyway
And I should drop it off myself
And tip the bounce at heaven's gate
Maybe he'll let me in
And I'll read it out to your face
I saw your picture trending, I got excited
And I saw #RIP and I just couldn't like it
A woman like you is timeless but sadly not immortal
God should add an extra day for every human that you fought for
So many memories just balling down my eyes
And If I wipe them off I might forget the better times
I mean they're all over my face
There's no place for them to hide
Emotions on child lock
I can't open up from inside but I'm trying
My dad spoke a lot about you, I remember
The media too, but I like my father's version better
He got so poetic ? when he said it
He spoke about your grace, your beauty
And made my mom jealous
Y'all resembled each other
So blessed, so perfect, so unreal, so worth it
You great things deserving
Multitasking, how are you a queen and servant
You can afford to pay respect 'cause first you earned it
You didn't see black ad white
You saw the colours of equality
The shades of democracy
You paved over the poverty
Your artistry is so in tune with modesty and ?
Those are the same ideas that polished me
I tried to keep this letter short
I know you must be busy having dinner with the lord
While Madiba's watching sports
Did he miss you
I'm sure it feels like your first date
Is he happy to have you home for his hundredth birthday
I should probably leave now
I should let you get some rest
Put your feet up and destress
And don't worry about us
Because of you we struggle less
Still not free but we are blessed
Still to black but nonetheless, human
And may your kids be taken care of
May they live as long as you
You raised the rest of us so well
I hope they got to know you too
I hope you read this letter for the other icons in the room
We never got the chance to say we love them too
Second of April and a great show ends
And you can spread your little angel wings
Added to the angel list
Of the greatest who ever ever graced the Earth
How does it feel to give a nation birth

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