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Yanga Chief - Ntoni Na ft Blxckie x 25K Lyrics

verse 1 [Yanga Chief]
Don't even greet 'em, bacinga ndiyoyika
But honestly lately I don't give a fuck
Unless you my dealer then mhlawumbi ndzak' feel-a
I pick up the package, I don't even count
Die for the dollar, you die for the clout
Thand' uncokola, I don't need to shout
Word to my mama, she gave me the pholas
I sit on the sofa, I gonna the spouse
Mothin' but honesty when I'm around
They tried to corner me, built me a house
Talk to my lawyer, he say I'm allowed
To fuck up the game bеyond reasonable doubt
Nevеr know why they were leavin' me out
Maybe the North just ain't into the South
Hamba nge moto mna ndifike ngenyawo
Fote no fota mna ndifike ndahlala
I'm feelin' fine as I rhabul' iwine
I took my time and I got a design
Thol' amajoni they fallin' in line
Yanga yingozi, they know I'm a vibe
Just met your daughter, she callin' me Slime
She never decline
Soddom Gomora, she fuckin' me nice
She do it twice
She pullin' my ice
She tellin' me lies

I'm feelin' gorgeous, money enrmous
Nxib' iMaxhosa, don't gotta force it
Ndibala ntoni na
Ndibala ntoni na
Blome neNkosi, I hop out a Porsche
Look at my girl, she Lebo Mathosa
Ndibala ntoni na
Ndibala ntoni na
Fresh out the closet, everything flawless
Look at my wallet, Christoper Wallace
Ndibala ntoni na
Ndibala ntoni na
I make it obvious, s'fike samosha
Did it ngesXhosa, you an imposter
Ndibala ntoni na
Ndibala ntoni na

verse 2 [Blxckie]
(Ye ye ye ye)
Lookin' for me, you can find me right there
In the kitchen with a bowl and a whisky whisk
I cannot fold, with the same niggas tryna get to the richy richy riches
I'm about to go hit a dash again, too fast again, I'm stackin' up
Swear to God I feel like the man again
It's crazy what a bag can do for a nigga like me
(Aw' inhluphek' ayisekho, istress asisekho, izitha az'sekho)
Superstar I go through the backdoor, hey
They can't find me I'm a needle in the hay
She love the way my voice sittin' on the bass
Said I love the way she gon' be sittin' on my ay
They callin' me a hero back home, 'bout to go to the store and get me a cape
(Aw' inhluphek' ayisekho, istress asisekho, izitha az'sekho)
Wake up in the morning make five bangers ‘fore the day gone
Been down so long, gotta get to the top and then just stay on
Gotta keep me a hunnid comin'
They ask how I'm feelin', I feel


verse 3 [25K]
I kept it solid with niggas
Kept my receipt and I count up the figures (Cash)
Nakwela ong'faela akao tsea serious
Keo boditse o potlele o bethele ko tlase
Ntjaka, my dawg, wantshwara
Keo fele through-pass, o bethile pala
Keo ratela tse pila osare wang tlatsa
Haorate dwelm wei thatela zaka (Ntjaka)
I gave my heart to you niggas
Tse ke di boneng might give you shivers
When I'm in the trenches I'm with my gorillas
Count up the digits, I ran up the figures (Dope)
Killo ke voice of the streets
Shoping for backwoods kamo hara East (Veli)
Before ko tseya best otlai lathela 50
Okaseke o hesitant mmola ko feetse (Capper)
Cheese bottle kamo North
Ba lla ka cho', ke chumile stove, ka fisa
Deal yaka e berekela nna, ake bereke yona
Nekere wa witse
I put my bro on his feet
Ke gorilla glue or o bofile cheese
Banyaka selo ase se
Kenyaka smoke etlamo rei fise


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