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Emtee - Mama Lyrics

verse 1
Things are getting real and I'm falling in deep
When I was a kid I always knew what I would be
Started on the streets, next thing I was flexing on a beat
Would've made it long ago but ugly demons creep
I'm chasing the dream that many try reach
I'm about beats and I practice what I preach
D.I.Y now I'm standing on my feet
I hope one day I release, that shit got me on my knees


Don't worry 'bout me mama, nah
Don't worry 'bout me mama, no
I know you miss me mama,
I'm just trying to chase my dream mama
It's getting better than how it seems mama
I always knew what I would be mama
You know, you know oh you know
This is for you mama

verse 2
Look after my mama and my sister, lord please
I don't know about my daddy, haven't seen that man for weeks
Kuyafana, we hardly speak
Little brother needs some sneaks
I ain't paying for no freaks
The best things in life are free
There's a lotta shit in my life that I won't forget
When niggas were hating not posting and I flew jets
Mama had an accident, what am I gon do next
Couldn't go and visit her, in her hospital bed
Niggas shutting doors and they know that I'm the next
My friends sleeping on me ?
My family on the average so we never blew cheques
Mama raised a king, mama taught me respect


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