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Kid Tini - Habana Loka ft Malome Vector Lyrics

Style sa magomosha
Ba leka ho se etsa se a ba hobosa

Ha ba na loka
Mo ha ba na loka (ba leshano)
Ke betjha ka nna, ha ke na hlolwa
Mo ha ba na loka
Ha ba na loka
Mo ha ba na loka

verse 1
K'dala ba, k'dala baxelela soze ba lunge
They a little slow
Pull up with the crew, hayi ke, indaba isuke
Fuck is you talkin' 'bout, look at the moves
Look at the jewels, look at the sauce, get you a scoop
Make it look easy baby
These niggas cheesy baby
But everything peachy baby
We dripping like Fiji baby
Fuck the fake shit, we just make hits
Got them uneasy baby
Niggas ain't this, chasin' A-list
But they wan' be me baby
Fucking relax, can't call if it ain't about the racks
Unlimited swag, you know they don't drip when they hate from a tap
Ntwana nthi, ntwana ndiphum' eGcuwa, I put that on my back
A megalodon in this marathon, niggas finna get lapped
If it's about the hate then I can't relate
'Cause I don't have facts
I'm finna be great, I might catch a case
I'm giving them slaps
And ? ayikh' ityala lomlilo, k'dala ndisitsho


verse 2
When we get the gang in the building
You can't even get in the lobby
I'mma be popping forever
That's word to Trilluminatti
I know you're sorry
Nigga come get you a body
Started off as a hobby
Now it's a business, I'm bossy
Had to pull up with the posse
Don't need no negative energy 'round me
Promised you it could get rowdy
Don't ever doubt it, I'm 'bout it
I'm in this bitch and I'm laxin'
Nigga my feel reclined
I got some peace of mind
They're about to peep the shine
You fucking with the king and you're fucking with E
And you cannot beat the don
Uzuve nesbindi andaz
Niggas ain't even gotta be sublime
Big fatcs, big talk, this is king talk
Ape shit, that's some King Kong shit
Ningikhoke, ngeke nindikhone
Uma anithethi inyuku, jonga, ngeke nindithole
K'dala nd'bazelela