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Kid Tini - My People Lyrics

My people
We can't live in hunger, my people
Yaze iphel' indlala, my people
We can build our Sandtons and ?, my people
We can make a change all my people
Stop that begging, I say my people
Stop the kidnapping I say people
We can build our Sandtons and ?, people

verse 1
I say, brought my home city with me
On my shoulders ya'll see all the ones who did it with me
Had to hustle, hit the gritty
They were sitting pretty
Never mind the nitty gritty
Really, I don't need the pity
But it was tough, take a look at how the mood changed
On a new wave, you won't ever see the dude cave
True say, still got the hunger, need a full plate
Two-faced niggas tryna knock me out the food chain
That's how it is with black people all around
United we could build, but we tear each other down
Instead of breaking rules, we could be breaking ground
'cause those who did found a way to sell us what they found
Making fortunes from the riches of our grounds
While we starve, how much more can we allow in the land of our ancestors
We need more than prayer
Let the pain that they endured fuel us to be greater


verse 2
This come from the soul, this ain't no silly song
It's so we won't go wonder 'til we see milly song
It's a don't let no evil even get near me song
It's free game, go get it and put your city on
We all we got so we could break the cycle
Teach us how to flip a bag so we buy the block bro
And generate generational wealth
Build a nation of health, unity, knowledge of self
Make the most of the cards we were dealt, fuck how we felt
It's what we do moving forward that matters the most
Ain't no time to be broke, now's a time to be woke
There's a better life for my people, I know there's still hope
Because we're tired of the poverty, political hypocrisy
Tired of the riots while the wealthy make a mockery
Of real issues, real shit, real people and real pits
You don't want these problems, it gets ugly real quick