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Reason - The Soul Lyrics

x 2
Tell your mama she beautiful
I can tell by looking at you
That she's beautiful
You might be the ugliest person I've ever know
'Cause you're only beautiful in my ugly world

verse 1
Welcome to my ugly world
I know it feel like heaven but it's hell on earth
Bottles models skinny thick and even piggish girls
Rocking in these skirts dripping ass
When they make it work
Work work, 'til she make it work
You can tell by how she sippin, she obeys her thirst
On that Jamey on that Remmy
On that grey at first
Told me I can take it if I wanted
I should say the word


verse 2
Wehere them red robes dictate which
Payroll you came with
Paid for go gangsters, made dudes with mansions
Young dudes with mad chicks, old dudes with rad chicks
That smoke fumes with champers
And they full'a shit like pampers
So we piss the off like our pants down
Hanging with girls that like rappers
So they ask to pose for their cameras
Every chance they grabbing us
Telling us they fans of us
Tellin em thank you very much
I thank God then I roll a blunt
Taking shots for my ugly world
'Cause everything is beautiful
When I go back at home
Very different from my ugly zone
This is where momm'y sitting
Really, groupies they just wanna bone