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Nadia Nakai - 40 Bars ft Emtee x DJ Capital Lyrics

I just walked in with the racks
Put that in the Gucci bag
Plug deliver the pack
Wherever you be at
Get to the paper, no time for a hater
Tell 'em See You Later
Get to the paper, no time for a hater
Tell 'em See You Later

verse 1 [Nadia Nakai]
I had to shut down the city
I brought the bad bitches with me
All of these bitches my daughters
It's time you eat rapper titty
They know the album is litty
Niggas envision my kitty
But this kitty ain't for regular niggas
I need your account on a billi
Where you gon find you another
Rich, thick, smart and pretty
Motivated with ambition
But not afraid to light a sticky
Real shit this ain't rugrats
More drive than your hub caps
Go to war, it's a blood bath
Competition, they don't want that!
Thought that I wouldn't re-up
I look at the sky like We Up
Look at all the records we broke
All the shows and the tours, man we gotta be up
Y'all niggas gotta be hatin'
Off of the deals that we makin'
I hardly go on vacation, too busy stacking this paper
Too busy working with stars
Too busy racking up numbers
Too busy focused on media
While inside of my kitty pink panther the colour (Ooh)
I do this shit to the max
You bitches just need to relax
Steven Smith with the stats
I made your career collapse
Pick it up, thousand dollar champagne when we live it up
All that hate in your blood, gotta give it up
More wins over lies, gotta switch it up
On the way up, bring the bitches up
Motivated by the money when I'm in the club
Twitter fingers got the media digging up
My past life, shit, they ain't gotta give a fuck


verse 2 [Emtee]
Twenty Four Seven I grind
Money be all on my mind
Niggas be waitin', It's time
Gotta go up on the or no fine
Niggas be talking a lot
I'm winning, you with it or not
Y'all niggas know where to shop
If you want your song to be hot
I used to say I'mma pop
They thought it was all a joke
I'm looking for all the smoke
Shooting at all 'em folk
Big gat, I'mma spray
Big cap how they play
Big bag on the way, before I get that gotta pray
Big dope in the room
I go where I want, I'm good
Rappers don't come to my hood
I wish a motherfucker would
I'm what's going on nigga
I'm schooling old niggas
Old girl ain't mine, she is a gold-digger
Get it, All of my niggas is with it
I know I've been gone for a minute
It's time to take back the city
They wanna see me at the bottom
They wanna make it a problem
I'm tryna make it without 'em
None of you niggas is solid
I don't play games when I'm in the booth
That's why you niggas should give me the loot
I'm on the phone with my nigga Scoop
Keepin' it real, double salute
ATM still the gang gang
Y'all lil' niggas can't hang
I'm flowing, I don't give a damn
I need the bread when I'm in the jam