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Jimmy Wiz - A Woman Scorned ft Gugu Zwane Lyrics

verse 1
Dudes we gotta be
Approaching relationships honestly
Murdering a woman we love is breaking comradery
It's gotta be put to an end
This' an apology
Not gon be the one to raise my hand baby
I solemnly swear to be the rock of the nation
Maintain equality
Loving you is something I promise
? it's hard to see
Actions speak louder than words
Fuck the verbosity
Here to show you love
So beating you ain't a part of me
Craziness is filled this world
Protected constantly
Tryna be a pillar and everything that I'm marked to be
Never lay your hands on a woman
Pop used to promise me
And mama taught me better than that
Peep the philosophy
Words to single mothers raising sons, being authority
Gotta give it up man
It's crazy if you're ?
Understand the tears and the pain
They paint us horribly
Man the shit that's happening to women really got to me


verse 2
I seen my uncle beat his wife
Shit weighed heavy on my chest
Man to man this sit is foul
And got me losing all respect
What typa shit is that
Got me losing my composure
Man I'm stronger than this nigga
But he's clutching on his holster
I told him Uncle Chill
Now Put The Gun Away Before Someone Gets Killed
Relationships Are Only For The Ones That Build
I'm only glad papa never laid his hands on mom
And this is all before my brothers tryna raise your arms
So put them things away
Whatchu tryna teach your sons
It's hard enough already
That they tryna reach for guns
The drug infested blocks
Cops stand on either one
I've seen my brother sniff on coke
Hearts just bleeds for son
Man it's crazy 'cause this world is breeding kings and queens
My cousin fucked up in the head
Can't even reach his dreams
A lost nation being enslaved by all these fiends and cleans
I told them keep your head up
As crazy as it seems


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