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Jimmy Wiz - One Of One ft Ginger Trill Lyrics

verse 1 [Ginger Trill]
No long talking while holding the spliff
Smoke it and notice the bliss
Soak in this kiss, take notice the moment
Don't even trip
'Less you been to Never Land before
And I hope it exists
Had a dream once and I sold it in bits
And pieces of thoughts
Life unfolds in a split second
Smoke lingers mid convo like ellipses
I think 'm just too sober for this shit
I take a hit, make a smash and take a hit
Made a pass and make a wish
Make it last for eternity
I just make a mess of hyperbolies
I missed the center view
So I sent for you urgently
Screenshot the Uber profile for security
Location drop, ETA about 33
Lowkey on the block like niggas ain't never heard of me
I scale out, way out north
No, fuck a safe route
The risk we take could pay out small fortunes pr page out
The G code, my autopilot is just beast mode
Ey this my resting beat
Them pieces never peak flow
Jimmy my dawg her understand it, we don't speak though
Dethrone Trilly, y'all sweet though really
I speak so witty, my niece so widdit
My team so litty, I need those millis
And payback's a bitch I'm charging stupid tax
Ikageng's finest, one of one, these are super facts

verse 2 [Jimmy Wiz]
Pardon the snooze, I had to stall, ringing again
They slept on me, so deliberate
they had to pretend
Got called and I had to discern
Man i hate the world around me
Like I'm sorry I'mma do this ?
Should walk on water then feature crew fish
Jesus, probably who you should move with
Glorified hymms, Timbs, honestly Jewish
I break bread on my enemies man I'm ruthless
Pardon the jewels I'm hovering through
See this relationship will sell from the pressure
And I'm off with it too
And if the pressure makes diamonds
Then I've cultured a few
So lesson learnt I drop jewels, I'm bartering too
toast and the glass is clean
See I know what our passion drink
Rose from a casket pimp
But I suppose that you had to think
That everything I know is imposed through a magic plant
Money crystal in the mouth rocking Cuban Link
Stupid you would think to mess with me ain't a useless thing
Savage, 21 year old a clueless pimp
I mean I'm savage, I manage to hit, I'm losing dip
And this is courtesy of all that we know
Building dynasties so welcome to my humble abode
? baby as is otherwise known
And this is one on one
Welcome I'm the star of the show

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