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Jimmy Wiz - My Fathers Son Lyrics

verse 1
Pardon the sigh
I feel lost in my thoughts
And head is flooded with the rays
But they love that of cause
Heard them crying 'bout their teachers
And the stuff that they taught
Man I came straight from the bleachers
Where there's dust off my court
They tell me play fair
Hurt by all the odds
I should've stayed there
Fear of having kids
And see 'em grow up in a daycare
Like daddy busy
All we figured was he ain't there
And all I'm tryna do
Is make sure they don't rock the same pair
And now I figured how my pops must've felt
A dirty hand baby
These are all the cards he was dealt
See I'm tryna be a man
Remain honest to self
I bet it hurts me in the long run
Tryna pocket the wealth
But it's okay though
Challenges in life turned me an A-hole
Learned to walk the block
I was a day old
Now I caught the payroll
Splitting out the cheque to cop a Range Rover
I'm reckless with the money
But Ion really care though
See a lot has changed since a nigga grew up
Counting money, can't afford to screw up
I learned to tie my shoe up
Walk the walk 'cause we're 'bout to move up
The way these niggas screaming at you
You'd swear these niggas cued up
I'm on a different type of level
That's the thing when you up
See they don't understand the pressure
It gon level you up
I mean I'm out here moving pieces
Tryna get a few stuff
Although it's hard
The soldier in me said You Gotta Boot Up

verse 2
My observation of this world growing up
They told me black is being hard
And we ain't meant to show love
Isn't it crazy
I never say these words to my moms
Worst of all man
I never say these words to my pops
Hell, if action speaks louder than words
They say I Love You both
I'm glad you still alive pops
And yeah I'm what you sowed
A splitting image of everything in my father's code
I never knew my grandparents
But I trust you know
What's crazy is I'm busy all the time
Even moved out the house
To get busy with my grind
Shit, I'm chilly with the rhymes
These niggas see a big fat nigga
And now they think I'm Biggie with the lines
See it's silly but at times
This shit got me quickest(quickies) with the dimes
Manager gon feel like Diddy in his prime
But that's off the topic
Those are character traits
Deeply embedded in my DNA
You have to relate
See, you raised a god
That's some shit that you should be proud of
Persistence in my genes pops
Look where I done wound up
SHorties love my voice pops
And talking 'bout I sound thuggish
Shit is so ridiculous
I built this from the ground up
I know I never tell you
But this music life I live
Man I'll forever be your son
The goof we ? honest kid
Although I grew a lot
And shit, it's only right I did
I can't imagine losing you
The only life I'd give

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