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Jimmy Wiz - Taste Of Success ft Kaylo Lyrics

verse 1
I'm at a stage in my life
Where complicated decisions keep making this right
It's cold in the game lately but we breaking the ice
Being a grown man is hard if you ain't chasing it right
Conversations with people, there's always money now
Or equity of some sort, that's how they run they mouth
Or being boss, the biggest don on the come-up now
They scared to see me win, this ain't a mumble sound
This that pour that Jamie, smoke cigars with me
This that now we toasting 'cause we all silly
It's that see you chilling with the Gos, feel me!
If you don't get the combination, it's wrong silly
Don't be afraid to take the risk baby
Calculator put the money up and wish baby
Negativity, that ain't shit baby
Only positive vibes, you get my drift baby

Ey hold on, we on
Whatchu say, whatchu say
It feels so good to be alive
You stiff if you not vibin
To the old school number poppin
Real vibey

verse 2
Relationships matter, that's who you growing with
I spend another one yeah my niggas know the piff
I pick a jacket, calling my nigga like You Rolling With
Loyal brothers rewarded for never folding king
And that's the money talk
It ain't fluent if you niggas having funny thoughts
It hurts to think these niggas used to brush me off
And now I live like Dolce Vida, Mazel tov
Boss walk, check my feet nigga
Double shot of that Jamie I wanna eat nigga
Presidential respect, I'm who you greet nigga
Kiss the ring on the don but still a street nigga
Always think 'bout where I came from
But my humbleness stuck, I never change son
Though I lost a couple'a niggas on the same run
I wanna toast to your success, day-ones

chorus x 2

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